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What Makes RJL Business Services Unique?

Founders Rob and Jen Loftin
Founders Rob and Jen Loftin

Meet Our Founders

Owners Rob and Jennifer Loftin have collaborated their experience and education to form an efficiently run accounting business.

Why Rob?

Rob is a well-respected Chief Financial Officer with over 20 years of accounting experience. As a matter of fact, his experience includes public accounting. In addition, Rob takes the initiative to teach his clients how to understand their financials.

Why Jennifer?

Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in accounts receivable management, as well as over 10 years as VP of Accounting and Administration. Moreover she has been effective in reducing her client’s DSO (days sales outstanding) to less than the industry standard.

Why RJL?

Together they have integrated modern technology with business consulting and accounting services. This cutting-edge strategy makes doing business with RJL Business Services more convenient, efficient, and productive. Of course Rob and Jennifer meet and greet every potential new client. Likewise they are passionate about creating a unique service package that fits each client’s needs. They want their clients to be highly satisfied!


Our firm believes in developing processes and procedures to streamline businesses. We create a plan and take action to make improvements that help our clients achieve long-term goals.


As a trusted resource, we pride ourselves on being timely, dependable, and responsive. Our professional staff strives to be the best by providing the highest level of performance and quality work.


It’s imperative that financial information is accurate. We provide review services along with our bookkeeping. Financials are meticulously reviewed by an accountant within our firm before distributed to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Pricing Work with RJL Business Services?2021-03-11T01:31:56+00:00

RJL Business Services offers predictable pricing, meaning we assess your business needs and quote a flat monthly fee rather than charge a traditional hourly fee. However, we still offer an hourly fee option for companies that prefer hourly rates.

One of the many benefits of hiring RJL Business Services is our contractor/vendor status with our clients. In this regard, our clients save on lease space, employer tax, and company benefit expenses normally incurred by hiring a bookkeeper or accountant as an employee.

How Does RJL Business Services Access Company Financial Records Remotely?2021-03-11T01:30:57+00:00

We pride ourselves in being innovative in the accounting and business consulting industries. At our firm, we have streamlined our process for working remotely. Our IT Support staff is able to set up remote access to our clients’ databases, which makes for an efficient, hassle-free transition to RJL Business Services. This technical solution allows our clients to continue with full accessibility to their own record keeping. We also offer a total transition from storing data on a desktop or remote server to online storage in an accounting software program kept in the cloud.

What Makes Our Company Unique to the Industry?2021-03-11T01:30:27+00:00

At RJL Business Services, we have combined accounting and business consulting services to provide a holistic experience. We are a good fit for companies looking for financial advice to start a new company or learn more about how to efficiently run their existing business, right size their company, or buy or sell. When working with our team of professionals, our clients have a full suite of services to choose from. We cultivate and analyze financial data, make recommendations, and then guide our clients through the next steps to reach their financial goals. Our firm has also developed trusted partnerships over the years to help meet our clients’ needs with the best resources.

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