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Payroll taking up too much of your time?

Afraid you are not reporting Payroll Taxes correctly?

We’ll handle the payroll while you handle the business.

RJL Business Services Review

“RJL Business Services are rock stars! I called Rob on a payroll issue. After the way they handled my payroll issue, I can say I am now a client and couldn’t be happier! Their expertise and experience saved me hours.”

~ Paula

RJL Business Services StaffDo you need a payroll service?

We know you provide a good wage for a good day’s work. However are you up on the laws for FICA? Workers’ Comp? Healthcare? Taxes? You may be great with your calculator but, wouldn’t you be happier counting up new business than all the necessary payroll deductions?

If you’re running a small or midsized company and have employees who keep you going, you’ve got a lot of numbers to manage every day. Why not focus on building your business and serving your customers and let us manage your payroll?

After all, your focus on business growth is what brings in the funds to grow your business. Making payroll is what keeps the team engaged, which contributes to growth. So, you keep managing your productivity as beautifully as you do, and we’ll manage its numbers for you.

Payroll is where we shine

This is our ‘bread and butter’, so to speak. RJL provides payroll services to business both small and midsized.

We’ll handle your important functions like:

  • Processing your payroll
  • Act as the point of contact for your employees
  • Answer questions about deductions, taxes or benefits
  • File your payroll reports

These are not the functions for which you’re the expert, right? Your expertise is in the quality products and services you deliver. If you’ll let us, we’ll help you to keep your focus there. Because it’s that role – building your clientele, your brand awareness, your visibility in your marketplace, relationships with important vendors or strategic partners – that keep the payroll funds coming in.

You went into business to provide a quality service or product. You may be grateful for your business growth. Now you have a team that adds to your productivity, however handling payroll is not why you’re in business. It’s why RJL Business Services is!

The secret to business growth

Payroll – someone once said to me: “you don’t know what business problems really are until you have employees.” Well, we don’t know if that’s true. However the ability to fund your payroll is a true sign of business growth and success. When your company grows with more than a handful of employees, we’ll handle the payroll with highly trusted software solutions. This will give you an extra layer of reporting and support. Easing your experience with the complicated and time-consuming function of payroll. Whether your team consists of full-time, part-time or outsourced 1099 professionals, we’ll maintain your records with online software tools. In fact, we can either act as your 3rd party administrator for this function and file all reports or show you how to manage the software for yourself.

What is RJL Business Services passion?

Our passion has always been to help businesses thrive! Even under challenging times or circumstances. Letting you focus on the decisions you need to make, whether proactive or responsive. We know you went into business to serve your audience with superior products and services. We feel the same way about managing the payroll function that has become increasingly important to your business as its grown. In addition, you may be grateful for the growth that’s allowed you to hire and support your team but, man – handling the payroll? That’s not why you’re in business. But it’s why RJLBS is!

Let’s have a candid conversation today about how we can best support you with the details of keeping your employees motivated, productive and on the job every day.


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Interim CFO & Business Consulting

We provide a high-level financial review. Resulting in sound financial advice, internal financial statements, variance analysis, budgeting, cash flow, company performance measures, and assistance in procuring debt or equity financing. Our business consulting is spot on.

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Accounting &

Our accounting and bookkeeping services include accounts payable and accounts receivable management, data entry, bank reconciliations, internal financial statements and general bookkeeping. Our staff is meticulous, precise, and responsive.

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RJL Business Services specializes in cash-flow management. We recommend ways to lower company DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) to increase cash flow.  Our team puts the proper systems in place, monitor, follow up, and create a plan to collect cash faster and pay bills on time.

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We provide tax preparation services for small to midsize businesses looking for optimum tax savings. RJL Business Services will prepare your taxes, get the highest tax deductions possible, and plan for the upcoming year.  Our firm provides the tax support that business owners need.

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