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“We will approach your Accounting & Bookkeeping as we would our own: with precision.”

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“Great to be able to trust RJL to handle my bookkeeping. Very responsive with all questions.”

~ Ivory

Jen Loftin, Accounting and Bookkeeping SpecialistWhy are Accounting and Bookkeeping important?

Accounting and bookkeeping are the solid foundation of your business. They track all your business investments, your receipts and profit. Additionally the guide your choices for when to invest in growth resources.

A frequent study of these can reveal:

  • Can you afford to hire your next office manager?
  • Are you overpaying for utilities?
  • When can you upgrade critical software?
  • Should you offer bonuses or incentives to your team?
  • Can you launch the ambitious marketing plan for your next product rollout?
  • How about pre-paying your insurances? Rent? Security system?

Good idea? Poor idea?

Yes, like rubbing a crystal ball, a look at the numbers hidden in all those receipts or scribbled, crumbled slips of paper, can be the basis for every business decision.

Yet – and this is the irony of it all – you didn’t go into business to keep track of hundreds of numbers, did you? No – you went into business to improve your quality of life and the lives of all who purchase your services or products.

How do you solve this headache-producing situation?

You solve it with RJL Business Services.  We understand that you don’t enjoy organizing and tracking all the numbers. However – we do! Moreover we do it with a truly friendly, engaging way. Coupled with understanding your business and its priorities, we provide the unique point of view that your business deserves.

How can we work with you?

Whether we’re around the block or we connect through your computer screen, you’ll quickly discover a wealth of hidden treasures in those numbers. Our accounting and bookkeeping services will allow you to confidently answer all those questions.

  • What you can afford?
  • What you can reduce?
  • Where you can invest?

While accounting and bookkeeping may seem dry and confusing to you, we approach it with gusto and precision. We work with you as your partner, your guide to understand what the numbers reveal and how to discover their hidden meanings and opportunities.

Our Bookkeepers will easily adapt to whatever systems you have in place, becoming quickly familiar with your business, your style and needs.

Your bookkeeping and accounting needs might include:

Whether we apply all services within this category or we customize our service with smaller combinations, we will approach your records as we would our own: with meticulous accuracy and quick responsiveness.

While it might seem strange, our bookkeepers will easily adapt to whatever systems you have in place. Of course we are familiar with all accounting software.  Furthermore, as we get to know your business, we can anticipate your needs.  Additionally as you become accustomed to the speed with which we communicate, you’ll forget we’re not actually part of your internal team. Yet – we are on your team, none the less.

Do you need an account department?

Working with us is like having your very own in-house accounting department. Of course without the substantial expense of having specialty bookkeeping employees. To say nothing of the low cost, quality, insight and clear desire to de-mystify the numbers for your benefit. We will be present in every conversation, every report, and every email.

No matter what shape your records are in, you’ll be positively amazed at the organization and discovery we’ll bring to your bookkeeping and accounting. More than that, our love of connecting the numbers to useable insight and decision-making goes deeper. We love connecting you to other great resources in your community. We believe in networking and supporting other small businesses in our area and we donate to support many worthwhile causes. Because we believe in giving back to our community,  we’ll give back insight and value to you.

Whether you’re around the block or across the country, we’ve embraced modern technologies to meet with you on your schedule to review your numbers, your situation and next steps to growth and success as you envision it.

Talking about ‘connecting’, let’s address those two sets of numbers that are so closely connected with your ability to grow ~ Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.


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Interim CFO & Business Consulting

We provide a high-level financial review. Resulting in sound financial advice, internal financial statements, variance analysis, budgeting, cash flow, company performance measures, and assistance in procuring debt or equity financing. Our business consulting is spot on.

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RJL Business Services specializes in cash-flow management. We recommend ways to lower company DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) to increase cash flow.  Our team puts the proper systems in place, monitor, follow up, and create a plan to collect cash faster and pay bills on time.

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We provide payroll services for small to midsize businesses looking for payroll admin. RJL Business Services will process your payroll, be the point of contact for the employees, and file payroll reports.  Our firm provides the administrative support that business owners need.

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We provide tax preparation services for small to midsize businesses looking for optimum tax savings. RJL Business Services will prepare your taxes, get the highest tax deductions possible, and plan for the upcoming year.  Our firm provides the tax support that business owners need.

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