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Is your business needing an Interim CFO?

CFO and  business consulting for the most comprehensive understanding and leveraging of your financial data.

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“Rob is practically a CFO | accountant for my company costing me a fraction of the price of an equal employee. RJL provides a great deal of service and advice for a business like mine.”

~ Simeon

Rob Loftin, Interim CFOWhy an Interim CFO?

When you want your financial reports to do more than give you a snapshot of your past. Likewise you want those reports to guide your business forward. They will provide the foundation for solid decisions. For growth you’ll want a partnership with a seasoned professional on our team who’s been both a Controller and Chief Financial officer. In fact he is now primed to be your Interim Chief Financial Officer. It’s a sophisticated, in-depth service that adds layers of planning value to your business without committing to a full-time, long-term executive.

Does my business need an Interim CFO?

Our Interim CFO service is unique and designed to provide a sense of partnership with your senior executive decision-makers. As a result it will represent your most valuable ally. Additionally if you desire a more detailed understanding about your financials and their power to guide your big picture plans, you need someone with experience to make that happen.

This elite service is a strategic alternative to engaging a full-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and is more affordable if you’re building a small to mid-sized business. After all you might have a small to mid-sized company today, we know you’re planning for growth. Those plans call for a forward-thinking executive with several years of management experience. One who knows technology and has a consultative style. These are just a few of the solid skills our Interim CFO service will bring to advance your growth plans.

We’ll share sound, long-term financial advice.

What does a CFO deliver?

Your RJL Business Services interim CFO will deliver a high-level financial review. Starting with a detailed conversation about your business, we will discover its operations, marketplace, products and services, challenges and plans. Furthermore we’ll dive deep into all your financial records to get a complete understanding of your business. As a matter of fact, we seek to lay a strong foundation for your next stages of management and growth.

Out of that investigation will come:

  • Internal financial statements
  • Variance analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Company performance measurement tools
  • Targeted consulting
  • Assistance in procuring debt or equity financing

You see, it’s not just data. The data has meaning, if you understand it. Although it may often look like numbers encased in a foreign language, we have the skills to interpret and share its hidden treasure. You’ll have a new road map to your future business decisions. Through our most comprehensive and sophisticated level of service, we’ll share sound, long-term financial advice. The kind of in-depth guidance that represents the most comprehensive understanding and leveraging of your raw financial data you will ever experience.

Why RJL Business Services?

At RJL we produce significantly more than a numbers review. We’ll spend considerable time with you to learn your business – its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – so we can provide a truly integrated business solution. This informs our guiding directive:

To have an acute sense for the current and potential pain points you face and to develop a plan to prevent or address them.  

Additionally, because we’re active members in our community and natural ‘connectors’, we’ve forged relationships with highly professional allies and will utilize them to support you with unlimited resources for growth.

What is our goal with consultations?

Our one goal is to provide value for you. Using our consulting advice and financial reports, we reveal the necessary shifts and the exciting opportunities your business holds. At RJL Business Services, you’ll find a partnership and financial road map to guide you to solid success.


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Accounting &

Our accounting and bookkeeping services include accounts payable and accounts receivable management, data entry, bank reconciliations, internal financial statements and general bookkeeping. Our staff is meticulous, precise, and responsive.

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RJL Business Services specializes in cash-flow management. We recommend ways to lower company DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) to increase cash flow.  Our team puts the proper systems in place, monitor, follow up, and create a plan to collect cash faster and pay bills on time.

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We provide payroll services for small to midsize businesses looking for payroll admin. RJL Business Services will process your payroll, be the point of contact for the employees, and file payroll reports.  Our firm provides the administrative support that business owners need.

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We provide tax preparation services for small to midsize businesses looking for optimum tax savings. RJL Business Services will prepare your taxes, get the highest tax deductions possible, and plan for the upcoming year.  Our firm provides the tax support that business owners need.

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